Leaking Balcony Repairs

Leaking balconies are the scourge of all multi storey buildings. Anyone who has experienced a leaking balcony understands how overwhelming it can be. Often bulk builders overlook the correct waterproofing procedures required to ensure that balconies stay leak free and as a result, the balcony will commence to leak into the area below with often catastrophic consequences.

In addition to the destruction caused by the water leaking through the balcony to the room beneath the balcony, the substrate or structure of the balcony can also be severely damaged if not repaired swiftly.

Why balconies leak

Generally speaking balconies will leak due to poor on non existent waterproofing beneath the tiled surface. You would be surprised how many new homes get built with little or even no waterproofing membrane beneath balcony and shower tiles. Sometimes an adequately waterproofed balcony can leak if there has been some kind of penetration of the waterproofing membrane. Another reason for a balcony leak can be movement of the structure which opens up cracks and fissures to the ceiling void beneath the balcony.

Repairs to leaking balconies – no shortcuts

In the event of the discovery of a leaking balcony, some companies will try and recommend to you that they simply replace the grout between the tiles and then seal the tiled and grouted surface. Do not be misled into accepting this kind of repair job. Whilst the cheap prices (sometimes not even that cheap a price) may seem attractive, there are no real short cuts to repairing a leaking balcony due mainly to the probable unseen damage caused to the substrate structure underneath the leaking tiles or grout to say nothing of the inevitable mould growth which will be present.

As well as unseen damage, there is obviously moisture under and around the tiles and if the tiles and grout are simply sealed up, the moisture will continue to create structural issues beneath the tiled balcony.

In the majority of instances, the balcony will need to be dismantled completely for guaranteed and permanent repairs to be undertaken.

This procedure is as follows:

  1. Remove existing tiles.
  2. Identify leak points and examine existing substrate and all structural timbers.
  3. Remove all water damaged substrate and structural timbers (if any).
  4. Dry all remaining substrate and structural timbers (if any).
  5. Replace all substrate and structural timbers that have been removed.
  6. Waterproof substrate to Australian Standards (15 year warranty).
  7. Line balcony (cement sheet etc.).
  8. Waterproof lining and joints (where walls meet substrate).
  9. Re-tile balcony with fall to existing drainage.
  10. Seal tiles and grout.

Performance guarantee

We provide a written performance warranty that covers you against any failure of your balcony for 15 years.

If we can't guarantee it we won't do it.

Inspect for Moisture & Damp

  • Thermal imaging cameras detect moisture and danp problems behind walls.
  • Inspection cameras can detect mould and rising damp in areas that may not be accessible.
  • Penetrative and non penetrative moisture metres can detect moisture and damp on wall surfaces and inside wall cavities.

Rising damp, mould and leaking bathrooms fixed with Dampco's onsite inspections

Drying Moisture & Rising Damp

  • Our purpose built trailers are the most powerful drying facilities in Australia.
  • Fast drying is one of the most important equirements for effective mould removal.
  • Large heaters dry out wet sub floor spaces quickly. Our trailer mounted heating units are the fastest drying units in the country.

Drying damp areas with our powerful onsite drying trailers

Cleaning & Removing Mould

  • Our company specialises in mould remediation using the dry ice blasting method.
  • HEPA filtered inscribers filter the internal air to remove mould spores.
  • Dehumidifiers and fairgoers help remove humidity and moisture from the indoor environment.

Dampco removes rising damp and mould by treating the entire area with advanced sealing and drying techniques