Property Drying to remove Musty Odours, Moisture and Condensation

Do you have musty odours in your property? Condensation present on your windows? The presence of moisture is always the reason behind musty odours and most commonly, the dampness that causes must y odours emanates form the subfloor. After identifying and locating any water intrusion or reasons for the build of of excess moisture in the property, the building must be dried.Our drying services are the most powerful in the country because we invest in the very best equipment. Generally speaking, the faster the drying process, the better - and the longer the drying takes, the more damage is caused by the presence of moisture. Dampco has invested in the most sophisticated and powerful heat drying systems available in the world today.

  • The trailer mounted diesel burning 'Dragon' is designed for fast drying of both the subfloor crawl space and internal living areas.
  • Our portable diesel fired dryer is ideal for areas where we cannot manoeuvre our trailer.
  • The computer controlled Drymatic is designed to both heat dry and control the drying of internal areas of the affected property.

Dampco can dry any section of the indoor environment, including wall cavities. We have purpose specific equipment - called an Injectidry - that can dry behind plaster walls without removing the plaster.

Drying with Heat

In the drying process, the use of heat to speed up evaporation, when combined with effective dehumidification and air movement - creates the fastest and most thorough drying process available. This fixes the immediate cause of the damp or rising damps and kills mould in the floor and wall cavities. Our thermostatically controlled room heaters, our 'Dragon' subfloor dryer and our Drymatic internal drying equipment all add up to the fastest drying process available in Australia.

Drying with Dehumidification and Air Movement

The traditional method of drying buildings involved the use of air movers (pictured below right) and dehumidifiers (below right). The air movers create movement and evaporation of the moisture and the dehumidifiers remove the evaporating air from the indoor atmosphere by drying it. Whilst efficient, adding heat to the process greatly speeds up the entire process, offering quicker and more efficient relief - potentially saving thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

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Inspect for Moisture & Damp

  • Thermal imaging cameras detect moisture and danp problems behind walls.
  • Inspection cameras can detect mould and rising damp in areas that may not be accessible.
  • Penetrative and non penetrative moisture metres can detect moisture and damp on wall surfaces and inside wall cavities.

Rising damp, mould and leaking bathrooms fixed with Dampco's onsite inspections

Drying Moisture & Rising Damp

  • Our purpose built trailers are the most powerful drying facilities in Australia.
  • Fast drying is one of the most important equirements for effective mould removal.
  • Large heaters dry out wet sub floor spaces quickly. Our trailer mounted heating units are the fastest drying units in the country.

Drying damp areas with our powerful onsite drying trailers

Cleaning & Removing Mould

  • Our company specialises in mould remediation using the dry ice blasting method.
  • HEPA filtered inscribers filter the internal air to remove mould spores.
  • Dehumidifiers and fairgoers help remove humidity and moisture from the indoor environment.

Dampco removes rising damp and mould by treating the entire area with advanced sealing and drying techniques